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481 Falls - excerpt from Elizabeth Stehling on Vimeo.


481 Falls is a collaborative video project created with Director/Choreographer Jane Gotch.

2017, 12 minute video loop

Jane Gotch - Director and Choreographer

Elizabeth Stehling - Filmmaker

While in the physical act of being off balance, in falling, our primal nature comes to life. For gravity does not discriminate, everything with mass, all bodies are subject to its whims. We grab, kick, look down, look up, we reach for some aspect of control, but once in the throws of a fall there is a singular fate, the ground. We have one measure of defense. A choice in our daily flirtation with gravity, we can tighten and cringe or surrender and release. Between these two extremes, lie infinite possibilities. We depict 481 variations.

To watch the full video, please email liz.stehling{at}gmail{dot}com.

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Copyright Elizabeth Stehling 2017