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A Hey for 4 by Elizabeth Stehling on Vimeo

A Hey for 4 (2011) examines the individual's abilities for expression while limited to the movement of the group. Multiple pairings and group dynamics present different identifications of self as single as well as communal. The dancers respond to my directions and the music, all while attempting to repeat only one endless, weaving, contra dance movement called the "Hey."

Contra dancing originated in the British Isles in the 17th century and spread with arriving settlers through the New England and Appalachian regions of the USA. Now recently, contra dances have been incorporating electronic music rather than a folk style, reviving the old tradition with a 21st century techno-digital influence.

Written and Directed by Elizabeth Stehling
Dancers- Christi Garland, Lynne Holcombe, Caleb Smith, Jordy Williams
Camera- Valdas Kotovas
Editor- Elizabeth Stehling
Sound- Benjamin Murray, Elizabeth Stehling, Jennie Wakefield
Dance Consultant- Jennie Wakefield
Production Assistant- Erin Moore
Producer- Elizabeth Stehling

Filmed at River Falls Lodge, South Carolina; August 2011

Special thanks to Wayne Richard and Harvest Moon Folk Society of Greenville, South Carolina and the contra dance community of the Carolinas


Video stills 1-4, 2011
















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