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The Inspired Pedestrians

Art in the Loop 2016

The new Kansas City streetcars will give new opportunities for pedestrian connection. “The Inspired Pedestrians” is a video and performance project that captures an idealized dance of pedestrian traffic. It explores the joy and awkwardness of steps and connections that develop between people over the course of a streetcar ride. In collaboration with dancers, we playfully ignite viewers’ thoughts about the shared humanity of the daily commute.

There are two layers to present to the public: a filmed dance performance (passed) and public projections of the final video (coming soon). The filmed dance performance happened within the flow of natural commuter traffic on the streetcar platforms. The final film portrayal will magnify nuances, imaginative bursts and happy levitations. The screening date and location of the final film are still in process. Details will be announced late August 2016.

Created and directed by Elizabeth Stehling.

Dancers include Molly Wagner, Joshua Bodden, Miranda Dafoe, Tempe Ostergren, and Ivan Braatz of the Kansas City Ballet.

Performance score facilitation by Jennie Wakefield, Tamalpa Life/Art Process Associate Teacher in collaboration with Elizabeth Stehling. Tamalpa Institute is based on the creative methods of Anna Halprin, dance pioneer, and her husband Lawrence Halprin, landscape architect, and Daria Halprin.

Special thanks to Steve Snell for additional camera support and artistic assistance. Special thanks to M.O.I. (Minister of Information) and Eliot Fisher (ARCOS Dance) for additional documentation.

Thank you to Ann Holliday of Art in the Loop, Ellen McDonald of Kansas City Ballet, and Leigh Culbert of Union Station for coordination and logistical support.

*PERFORMANCE LOCATIONS were Kansas City Streetcar Stop at Union Station, along the streetcar, and at the Kauffman Center stop. Open to the public. FREE.


*PERFORMANCE TIMES were 12:00 am to 1:30 pm. Beginning at noon at the Union Station streetcar stop and continuing there until approximately 12:45 when we will board the streetcar. Viewers are welcome to follow us on the streetcar ride. About 1 pm, we will get off the streetcar at the Kauffman Center stop, cross the street and ride a different streetcar back to Union Station. The performance ends at Union station at approximately 1:30-45 pm.


Made possible by a grant from the Kansas City Downtown Association, Art in the Loop + Art on the Line 2016.



The final film will be presented Dec. 2, 2016 from 6-8 pm at the KC Skyline Gallery in the TWA Building, 1724 Main Street, KC, MO as part of the Art in the Loop Video screening.









Copyright Elizabeth Stehling 2016.



Tempe Ostergren, Miranda Dafoe, and Ivan Braatz performing at the Union Station streetcar stop

The Inspired Pedestrians

(Preview excerpt - Full video screened Dec. 2 at KC Skyline, 1724 Main, KCMO, 6-8 pm)

To blur the boundaries between film and life, dance and commuting.