Mayim/Waters (2012-13) is a video about a community gathering in an abandoned recreation center for an Israeli folk dance lesson. Mayim, the Hebrew word for waters, is also the name for a popular twisting dance step known in the USA as the Grapevine. Participants of all skill levels come together for the event and learn the dances as if they are learning a new language. A metronome attempts to order the communal steps and frames of transition.

Participants include the Greenville International Folk Dancers, Clemson International Folk Dancers, Harvest Moon Folk Society, and local responders to the Facebook open call. Camera work is by Steve Snell and dance consultation by Theresa Pizzuto and Jennie Wakefield. The artwork is produced, directed, and edited by Elizabeth Stehling and made possible in part by the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council’s Artist Support Grant.

Mayim/Waters was filmed at Slater Hall Community Center in Greenville, South Carolina on July 15, 2012

Theresa Pizzuto, Jennie Wakefield, Erin Moore, Jeffrey Prater, Victor Chen, Dana Wachter, Julian Loue, Rachel McAlister, Zachary Deuerling, Taylor Crouch, Betsy Dunkle, Ted Ford, Rosellen Aleguire, Elaine Epstein, Ellen Saltzman, Alex Gula, Meghan McKellar, Tabitha Cook, Daryl Ham, Mountainsmith Michaela Barnett, Susan Hackett, Paula Kelley, Troy Kelley

Dexter Wakefield, Franklin Jones, Elizabeth Stehling, and Foothills Home Inspection, LLC

Metropolitan Arts Council Artist Support Grant
Greenville, South Carolina

Special thanks to the additional supporters
Doug and Joan Shier
Shelly Smith
Wayne Richard
Alexa Woodward
Jessica Kendall
Steve Snell
Nancy Sokolove
Jennie Wakefield
Mary Bethune

The Clemson and Greenville International
Folk Dancers

The Greenville Department of Recreation
Zachary Deuerling

Dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Wakefield
January 21, 1918- July 15, 2012























Mayim Waters




































Elizabeth Stehling Promotional Video- Slater Hall Dance