Key, 2010, plastic handmade key, harmonica case



Hearing circle, 2010, plastic rod, bisque-fired stoneware



Right hand, 2010, wax-dipped glove, plaster



Picnic Girls, 2009, yarn, wire, cork



Flapper, 2009, metal wire, petticoat, fringe



Raven, 2009, umbrella

Third Party, 2009, pillowcase, clear plastic tubes, lampshades, crocheted and dyed cloth, umbrella



Loose Chain, 2009, plumbing chain and petticoat strip



Moral Iceberg B17B, 2009, steel, pleather, crocheted and dyed cloth, mirrors



Burning Bears, 2009, parafin candles and honey essential oil


Seven, 2008, paper, gauze, muslin, beeswax, polyurethane


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